Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis

Pre-investigation of disease-associated in humans, to monitor the differences in genomes of pathogenic bacteria and virus, sequencing is very powerful and genuine tool. New generation sequencing technology is increasing the speed and reducing the cost of sequencing, also help to expand the utility in drug designing and development.

Next Generation Sequencing

Single & paired 454, Illumina, Ion Torrent, SOLiD data, Exome, SNP, FASTA/FASTQ pre-processing. Mapping large indels and alignment.

ChIP-seq Data Analysis

Peak detection, Pathways enrichment, Conservation, Clustering, Visualization.

Microarray Data Analysis

Microarray data analysis and commonly used gene set data based on KEGG pathways and GO terms.

DNA Methylation

Statistics – (Coverage, Methylation), Annotation, accessor, coercion. Regional and tiling windows analysis.


De Novo Assembling for Metagenomic Data.

CCD - CADD (Drug Design)

AutoDocking, Importing SDF files, removing salts, energy minimization, matplotlib - 2D plotting & Visualization.

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